Retailers & Distributors

We are glad to offer attractive and flexible cooperation conditions for retailers and sports clubs, including production of custom medal hanger displays based on your own requirements. We readily offer more than 120 different SKUs and the design range is still growing!

We value high product quality and superb customer service. Our product is very “giftable” and is very popular among runners, gymnasts, cyclists and other athletes. If you are interested in cooperation, please e-mail us at

Full catalogue of medal hangers could be found here – Product catalogue

Special offer for new retailers – get our product worth $300 for free (more than $600 at RRP)

United Medals is registered at two marketplaces for B2B customers. These marketplaces make it easy for local retailers to order and reorder products for their stores. You can look through all our wholesale products on our shop page, save items for later, and place orders whenever is convenient for you.


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We’re looking forward to partnering with you. Please let us know if you have any questions!